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Cities... Turkish cities are not much different from each other even though their names would differ - concrete forests, no character, ugly, depressing... The photo on the left is Antalya, our tourism capital. On the right is Istanbul. Was this the best we could do? Modern technology, knowledge, machinery & wealth and look at this ugliness. Could we not do better? While constructing Belentepe Farm it was our goal to use local & natural materials as much as possible and incorporate modern technology & knowledge with traditional building materials & techniques.


These are the principles we employ during construction at the farm:

  • Positioning the structures on the land according to permaculture principles
  • Use local resources as building materials:
    • stones, soil, straw, wood...
  • Use nature friendly building materials
  • Produce our own natural materials:
    • Natural plasters,
    • Natural paintings,
    • Natural wall and floor finishings
  • Gray water recycling,
  • Collect all roof water in storages, ponds
  • Make best use of solar energy:
    • Passive Solar design,
    • Solar PV panels on roofs to generate electricity...

Some of our basic building materials & mixes:

  • Soil + Straw + Limestone + Water = Adobe
  • Soil + Brick dust + Sand + Limestone + Water = Horasan Plaster
  • Stone + Concrete = for the foundations
  • Timber beams: Load carrying structural members
  • Steel profiles: for the dome beams
  • Thermocoat: natural wall insulation plaster
  • Limestone + marble dust +linseed oil + water = Tadelakt plaster
  • Limestone + flour + linseed oil +color pigments + water = natural paints
We have tried different structure types & methods with each building at the farm

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