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Belentepe Farm volunteering-wwoofing program is a unique opportunity to gain permaculture farming & gardening experience and skills. The situation is best suited to individuals who already have a measure of experience with animal husbandry, horticulture/agriculture work and/or country living. OR are really keen and fit :-)

Possible experiences & knowledge to be gained at the farm:

  • Building & maintaining vegetable production beds,
  • Green house and nursery work,
  • Plant propagation,
  • Compost making,
  • Tree (fruit and other) maintenance,
  • Brush cutting,
  • Material depot re-organisation and de-clutter,
  • Natural building & construction projects...

If these tasks and the experience appeals to you, please read the following information and send us your application. We look forward to hearing from you!

Volunteer tasks, instruction, and work supervision will be conducted by competent individuals. Generally, Taner Aksel will be your guide. You will work un-supervised at times and are expected to follow the instructions provided.

Belentepe farm is closed for the winter from November to end of March. Normally we start accepting volunteers from April until July and then from September till end of October. Volunteers can stay at the farm from one week to a couple of months depending on their interest & the farm's schedule, availability.

No more than 5 volunteers are accepted at a time.

Accomodations: Depending on the season and activities at the farm volunteers either stay at the dormitory or in tents... Bedding is available but you are encouraged to have your own sleeping bag.

Climate: Belentepe nights are cold in spring & fall, so please come prepared.

Children: Property not suited to children.

Food: Staff and volunteers have the use of our kitchen and dining area with food available for self-catering three meals a day.

Garden: No visitor is allowed to harvest food from our garden. When there is surplus food from our garden, it is harvested by us and shared at our discretion. If this does not appeal to you, please do not apply.

Hands-on practical work time frame: Generally From 8:30 am to 12.30 pm then 1 pm to 5:00 pm - this includes 6 hours of tasks with free time in the middle of the day . The time-frame will vary according to the seasons and the weather.

Internet: Free Wireless.

Laundry: Washing machine, outdoor clothesline.

Toilets & Bathroom: seperate toilets & bathroom for ladies and gents.

Please also visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for further info.

Gloves: Good quality, rugged gloves – rubberised combined with cloth style are recommended and we suggest you have a minimum of two pairs to use.

What is Expected of the Volunteers?

Volunteers have to take part in daily chores. And volunteers are expected to work according to above daily schedule. We hold meetings and share the daily chores among each other as equally as possible. Apart from these, the most important we expect is humility, good personality, enthusiasm.

We expect to become friends, brothers/sisters with our volunteers. And we try to give them as much of our knowledge and experience as possible; as long as they are willing to taken in & learn. We are also open to all new knowledge, skills that volunteers would bring with them. Our best moment are when all these are combined into new projects done together at the farm.

Please realise that should you be accepted, we have invited you into our home – If you do not respect the property, people, rules and what we ask of you, then you will be no longer welcome and you will be asked to leave immediately and without prior notice.


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