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Belentepe is a story of transition to a sustainable lifestyle.

Transition starts with baby steps but with enough knowledge, effort, time and resources, it speeds up in time. What's most important is 'to want to change' and start to change with things that can be easier to achieve.

Most of us are educated to become part of the global capitalist system, worked at jobs that were defined for us and tried to sustain our lifestyles. We are not different. Maybe still most of us are not aware but there is big and growing problem: our lifestyles are based on fossil fuel energy ( most of the energy used - upto 90% in most countries - comes from fossil fuels) and this is destroying earth's natural balances and causing climate change. So much that we are witnessing its effects today: increase in food prices, decrease in food production, increase in intensity & number of natural disasters, extreme heat waves, drought, ecosystems collapse, extinction of species...

If we expect a solution from the rulers of countries, we will have to wait much longer and in the meantime things will get much worse. Since 1992 world leaders have been aware of all the issues leading to climate change and since then, things got worse and worse. WE are the Solution. As individuals we need to realise our footprint on earth and take necessary steps to reduce our footpring, reduce the damage we inflict on earth.

If only one person strives, then obviously not much can change but if we collectively struggle and start transitioning, then possibility of a real change increases. This is within our reach and we can achieve.

Belentepe farm is our family's step towards a sustainable lifestyle and is an example of what things could be done. The farm is a reference which can lead to more similar farms and much better, effective examples. Permaculture ethics dictates that 'cooperation and sharing excess' are essential. So we happily share our knowledge and experience - as you will notice at this web site.

In the beginning we did not know a lot and did not have the experience. But permaculture paved a way to follow and helped us build the farm without making major mistakes. And the small mistakes we did were good lessons, we gained enormous experience and later on achieved better results.

The most important step is to want to 'change' and begin. It does not have to be a farm. Gardening in the cities, in balconies, roofs, investing in clean energy, gathering as a group of friends and obtaining your natural food from the nearby villages, etc. are all achievable and beneficial activities.

We are not alone, you are not alone. Together we shall 'TRANSITION' to a much better & sustainable life.

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